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Beginning January 2020, I do giveaway recordings once per month.

I have decided to do this for people who don't have enough money to make a professional recording, but have something to say.

The rules are simple:

  1. Make a 5-10 minutes long recording of your playing with a phone or whatever device you have, upload it on any cloud, share and send me the link via email with the subject "giveaway recording request". Some brief background information about who you are and what are you looking for would be appreciated.
  2. I will select two persons who, in my opinion, deserve to be heard and seen. These names will be listed on my Facebook studio page with the links to the video or audio we made.

This option is including 3-hour recording at the studio.

The limit of the recorded material is about 60 minutes.

The final result will include audio tracks suitable to print on CD, and one angle video shoot.

The only thing that you will have to pay for is the piano tuning - about $140.

I will be able to listen to no more than 20 requests per month.

The winners can use the recorded material however they want.

I will retain the rights to use the excerpts from these recordings as the examples of work for this particular website and for my Facebook page.

Good luck!