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Welcome to my piano and recording studio.

Please use the contact form below drop me an @email to book your time or ask a question.

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Video recording up to 4K.

One or two angle shoot.

Multitrack audio recording, up to 192kHz/32 bit.

CD recording, producing and mastering.

The schedule depends on my availability, see my concerts page.

To get some info about the piano lessons, click piano studio page.

Check giveaway page to know about free recording sessions for musicians.


Audio/video recording

One hour - $75

Video for auditions, competitions, YouTube, etc.

Up to one hour of the final video (without audio montage):

One-angle shoot - $250
Two-angle shoot - $500

Audio CD producing and mastering

1 CD - $1000

This option is including 4 hours of recording at studio.



Concert full grand Steinway D (Hamburg)


Panasonic GH4 hybrid video/photo camera

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Audio gear

Presonus AudioBox 18/18
multichannel audio interface

Tascam UH7000
two-channel audio interface

Steinberg UR44C
six-channel 32bit audio interface

Oktava professional condenser microphones (6)


821 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10032

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